U.S.A. PATRIOT List of Links

Colonel Bo Gritz
America's Most Decorated Green Beret
The Terry Anderson Show Sundays - 9 pm PT
Terry lives in the area of Los Angeles where the Mexican gangs will kill you if you enter their turf
VIDEO: Terry Anderson speaks in Crawford, TX
Terry speaks his mind about illegal aliens
The Micro Effect
Joe McNeil's Internet Radio Station out of Kamiah, Idaho
A group of combat vets exposing corruption in the U.S, military. Their motto is: FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH . . . EXPOSING THE CORRUPT
American Voice Radio
Owner Frank Steffan carries many informative shows on his network
Our rights come from God, not the State!
Many gruesome pictures of murdered babies
The Nuremberg Files
Visualize Abortionists On Trial
The Christian Gallery News Service
News and information about the fight to stop the slaughter of innocent little babies
The Official Bob Enyart Live Website
America's Most Right Wing, Homophobic, Pastor & Radio Talk Show host
Alan Stang: Books and Comments
Alan is a long time talk show host and author of Patriotic Books
UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB)
Check this site to learn what the communist UN will do to your property
FBI'S Ten Most Wanted
If you see one of these criminals, call your local FBI office
The U.S. Veteran Dispatch
Ted Sampley's excellent Newsletter
A Lost Child
For the recovery of missing, lost, abducted, runaway children
An Interview with American Free Press Editor Pat Shannan
Pat discusses Ron Paul & the rampant vote fraud in the USA
The Chip Tatum Chronicles
A 25 year CIA veteran tells all about USG drug running
Michael H. Brown's Home Page
Mike Brown is the Founder of The Erwin Rommel School of Law
Steve Vaus - Singer/Songwriter
Americas finest Patriot singer/songwriter
The Official Website of The G. Gordon Liddy Show
A Real Man who went to prison, rather than betray his boss
U.S. Biosphere Reserves Directory
A list of the USA areas controlled by the communist controlled
Free Republic
America's best posting site for Patriots
Women Against Gun Control
Take the Women Against Gun Control Pledg
Claire Wolfe - Articles and Columns
Claire weote many articles for Backwoods Home Magazine
George Herbert Walker Bush: The Unauthorized Biograph
Learn about the dark side of the promoter of the New World Order
American Patrol
A site documenting the on-going invasion of America by hordes of undocumented aliens
Dedicated to America's Heroic Airborne Rangers
Judicial Watch
A non-partisan, non-profit Conservative Foundation established to serve as an Ethical and Legal 'Watchdog' over our Government and Judicial systems
Altar Call Ministries
A Ministry dedicated to winning the Lost, and teaching the Body of Christ and love to those who feel unloved
Larry Becraft, Constitutional Attorney
Larry Becraft represents that which is truly good in the American Legal system
Wolf Pack Survival Network Links Page
America's best emergency and preparedness web site
The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Text and pictures that prove we were lied to by the USG
Gun Owners of America
Unlike the N.R.A. the G.O.A. will never compromise on our Gun Rights
Newswatch Magazine
A web site with pictures of a U.S. Internment Camps
R. Lee Ermey.com
Gunny Sgt Ermy's Mail Call show runs on the Discovery Channel
Michael Savage
One of the most popular Talk Show hosts in America
Mark Ferran
This directory contains the writings of Mark Ferran
'The Meadow Years' with Links to MIA'S
Over 140 individual MIA pages along with Many Pages of information about the 60's and the 70's
Alex Jones - Infowars
An Austin Texas firebrand who is devoted to exposing the injustices committed by politicians, police, government and the mass media
The Lars Larson Show
Lars is a popular talk show host from the Pacific Northwest
The Free American
Talk Show host Clay Douglas is very interesting to listen to
The Right Source with Kevin Shannon
Kevin broadcasts from the 'Inland Empire' of Southern California
Amerikan Expose
Tslk Show host, Chris Gerner's Home Page
Devvy Kidd
One of the greatest Patriot's in America
Joseph R. Banister - Freedom Above Fortune
Ex IRS CID Agent's informative blog
The Expert Witness Show
Talk Show host, Mike Levine, a 25 year veteran, highly decorated International deep cover agent
Case File: C.I.A. and Drugs
Home Page of Michael C. Ruppert (a former LAPD narcotics investigator)
US Marine Combat Arms Survey
One of the questions asks: Would you fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the government?
'The High Priests of Globalisation'
A web site full of information about this secret organization composed of elite controllers of much of the world
Police Abuse Complaint Center
Call 1-850-894-6819 to report incidents of Police abuse
Property Rights Research
If God and Country and family are your top priorities, you'll like this site
Embassy of Heaven
Talk Show host, Pastor Paul Revere's home page
Lonnie Kobres Home Page
The first American to receive a criminal sentence for being a low power broadcaster!
Wing TV with Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani
The Revolution is being televised!
Call To Decision Ministries
Talk Show host Pastor Butch Paugh's Home Page
The Sniper's Perspective
Home Page of Col. Craig Roberts
News With Views
Many of America;s best writers have articles posted on this web site
Corruption on the Border
John Carman, US Customs whistleblower tells all
Private Gun Sale Online Ads
Sell your guns here free of charge
All American Gold
All American Gold
Talk Show Host Roger Fredinberg
If you remember beautiful days in the neighborhood as a child with Mr. (Fred) Rogers, as a grownup you’ll love “Neighborhood 21” with Roger Fredinburg.
Chuck Harder - Host of For the People
Chuck Harder joined TalkStar® Radio line up with the promise of renewing his radio fight for a NEW MORNING IN AMERICA with even greater vigor, because he believes his message is needed more now than
Jerry Hughes - Straight Talk
Talk Show host, Jerry Hughes has devoted his life to the cause of Freedom for all Americans
The World of Steve Quayle
One of America's best informed Talk Show Hosts
Poker Face
Political Protest Rock Music
Indiana Militia Corps<
The Indiana Militia is seeking volunteers to participate in Civil Defense, Security and Emergency Disaster Assistance programs
The War Room<
Jim Quinn, Pittsburg's Best Talk Show host
Chemtrail Central
Searching for Answers in the Chemtrail Issue
The Proactive News
Bill Brumbaugh's Home Page
The Peter Boyles Show<
Peter is a leader in the fight against illegal immigration
Peter Boyles Podcasts
Listen to Peter's previous shows on your computer
The Reagan Information Interchange
Talk Show host Mike Reagan's web site
An excellent web site with many links about Current Events
Ken Polzin Jr.'s JonBenet Homicide Web Sites Page
If you have information to solve this crime, please phone (303) 441-3330
Inspired by Talk Show host Peter Boyles